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It is often said that every woman needs to have a small black dress in her wardrobe but I believe that the red dress is more essential.  Red is the colour of passion and emotions and the woman in red is a symbol of sex appeal and femininity. However, you should take into consideration that it will make you more attractive and her mission is to draw attention towards you. For this reason, when you put on a particular red dress you should be sure that it suits you perfectly. There are a few simple rules which will help you always to show the best of yourself.

First: Don’t wear the red dress with shoes and bag which have the same colour, this will make you look like you are wearing a uniform. The accessories should be dark or black, this also holds for the nail polish.  Long black boots, as in this case, would be very attractive. You could also experiment with brown or beige high heel shoes.


Second: Wear make-up which completes the colour of your dress. It shouldn’t be too much or absent altogether. It should fit into the whole vision as a minute addition rather than as a main element which might certainly spoil the effect. Select a palette which is as natural as possible and don’t overdo it. Your dress is attractive enough and additional elements are not needed for the perfect look.

Third: Choose the right kind of red. The fundamental rule in choosing a red dress is to make sure that it suits your skin colour. The ladies with more of a pale skin can wear all shades of red. However, those with darker complexion would better choose the darker shades, such as bordeaux and violet.

The red dress is passion. It is unusually provocative, even on the hanger it looks effective, impressive and seductive. It is a sign of independence, power, and boldness more than any other piece of clothing.

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