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The beautiful long dresses are an awesome addition to your casual outfit. They continue being an indisputable hit on the catwalk. The long dresses not only make you look taller but they also give a unique feminine and classy flavor to the casual outfit. This delicate piece of clothing dominates the street style blogger’s visions and frequents the pages of the fashion magazines with all kinds of combinations and materials: from high heels to sneakers, from biker jackets to delicate scarves, with high cut or falling down to the ground.

The long dresses are many women’s favorites. In them we feel comfortable and at the same time we keep in pace with fashion. If you decide on a single colour maxi-dress, you are sure to get all eyes upon yourselves. Combine the ethereal dress with colorful nail polish and a lot of jewelry – necklaces, rings and bracelets. Let your hair be caressed by the summer breeze and you will be ready for summer adventures! But why feel that comfortable only during the summer? This autumn the long dresses are an absolute hit. You will look amazing wearing them with sneakers, leather jacket and a leather watch.


You are wondering about the exact shape of the dress? If you are skinny, you can go for a dress with frills. These will be very popular and will fit you well. The curvy ladies look best in straight and slightly flared dresses.

If you want to accentuate your waist, add a leather belt. This is the last hit from the catwalk. It doesn’t matter if you are going to put it on top of your everyday dress or a more formal one. You can experiment freely and find the best combination for you.

There are no limitations in the choice of colours, materials and patterns. As long as you like it and it is comfortable, each maxi-dress will look awesome on you.

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