The little imperfect perfections


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Hello friends! This might be the first post in which I share with you something so personal to me. I decided to write this post to show you that we must grow and overcome our complexes, because the small disadvantages are what makes us unique. Sure I can surprise you, but the biggest “complex” in my life was the gaps between my teeth. So large that I never smiled and looked people in the eye because I imagined that they still stare at my teeth. The problem appeared when I was young and the children at school mocked at me and constantly wondered why I had such a big distance between the front two teeth and I didn’t know what to answer. My parents immediately took measures and took me to a dentist specialist who made a special brackets for me, which would arrange and squeeze my teeth. The brackets covered all my jaw, I couldn’t speak, eat or go out with them, only to wear it while I sleeping at night, but unfortunately I always unconsciously spit it out. So the problem wasn’t solved and I learned to live with it. At one point the people all around me started telling me how really charming this gap between my teeth was, how many celebrities have such a similar gap, it became fashionable even among models, but I never saw something beautiful in that. I had read all about the different ways to remove the gaps between my teeth when I met the man who taught me to love all the little imperfections in to myself, because he fell in love exactly in those little imperfections. Every complex is a problem primarily within ourselves and we need to eliminate it. At the moment it seems to me so ridiculous that I was ashamed and worried by something like that, but you are learn to respect and love yourself all your life. What do you think of the complexes? Can you talk freely about them?


It turned out that there is a positive side to have gaps between my teeth, because I never had a caries, fillings or whatever other dental problems in my life. I don’t know whether it is because of the fact that I can’t keep food between my teeth, use an electric brush, regular care or just a gene, but I’m lucky. By the way I didn’t know what you think about the electric toothbrushes, but I personally can’t imagine switch to another type of brush soon. My toothbrush was commissioned from “Vanity Planet” and I am very happy with it, because I feel my teeth much cleaner, it doesn’t irritate the gums, and with a single charge I can use the brush almost a month. The vibrations are strange at first, gently tickle and you may not relish the feeling, but you will get used very quickly.

However with toothpaste I haven’t had luck to find one which really whitens teeth. In most cases I didn’t even notice improvement, but I think you hard receive much of a visible effect with this type of products. Therefore I decided to test the whitening strips “PearlGuard – Orax Dent“, about which so many bloggers expressed a positive opinion and I was really pleased. This was the first time that I noticed a visible effect, with about two tons whiter teeth and it didn’t cost me much labor any pain or discomfort. Of course the result can’t be compared with the professional bleaching, but also the cost of the whitening strips can’t compare with it. So I recommend them with both hands.


I hope this post has been helpful to you. And I will be happy if you share more about your experience with whitening, toothpaste, the electric toothbrushes and anything what you use in caring for beautiful smile. : )




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  • LillaGreen
    February 16, 2016

    Невероятни снимки! Перфектна <3

    • MintStories
      February 16, 2016

      Благодаря ти! :*

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