The Black Swan


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I have been searching for a way to end this year with an article that would be different, somewhat mystical, with an elegant approach to everything we did in 2017, or what we’ll do in 2018. We went back to where we started the year, but nothing was the way it is now. Apparently the moments don’t really repeat themselves, so we have to catch them and experience them as they’re happening. Recently in an interview they asked me “What is the best life advice you’ve ever gotten?” Do you know what I answered now that I am 24 years old? “Dreams must come true on time.” And, yes, I didn’t dare to fight for what I wanted, I was still waiting for the right moment, but the moment never came. And if you’ve promised something to happen to you in 2018 don’t wait tomorrow, act today because you will not be the same tomorrow, as well as your moments.

“The only person standing in the way is you” – Black Swan

In black I feel the most safe, the most at ease, I feel like I can be myself the most without fear of judgment, where I can hear myself and listen to my feelings without any external noise. It is in black that I feel like I’m becoming a better person, more real, more fragile. In spite of everything we associate with this shade. I am not obsessed with glamor, I do not seek it, I do not need it. I found this awesome black inspiration in Maison Tina’s boutique.

And when the rose meets black, one new and unforgettable magic is born, deep interpretation, sweet and zesty notes, while in your heart beautifully bursts an exquisite bouquet of Rose De Mai and Neroli blossom. Yes, this is ARMANI – ‘Si Intense’ eau de, my new weakness, which reveals the present femininity of a woman, who has the confidence to say “yes” to the values that define her life.

Si, I send off the year of 2018 in the shade that makes me real and with the fragrance that inspires me and makes me dream. How do you send off the year of 2017?


Photos, Video & Retouch – Ioan Kralev and Kaloyan Hristov
Makeup – Teodora Todorova from Armani Beauty / Serdika Center
Clothes – Maison Tina


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