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I left the best for the very end. This is the most awesome view I have ever seen. My sightseeing in Dubrovnik ended at this unique place which is located at about 300 meters above the sea level. The temperature there fell down significantly and it became windy, but all this didn’t matter at all because the sight in front of us was indescribable. The place was small and neat, almost annoying in its perfection. You can reach this place in three ways. The fist, which I really wanted to try, was by a gondola lift which unfortunately was not working on that day. It leaves from the center of the town. The second method is on foot, but it seemed a long way to go and the route looked steep. The third way is by car, but you need to be very careful at the road turns because at places the road containment was missing. Whichever way you choose, the journey is worth it.

The checkered dress was a total hit last year, but I think that even in 2015 it will remain in the wardrobe of many women. I usually match it with more casual clothes: tall leather boots in autumn colours, black tights with ornaments, the checkered dress itself with leather features and a wonderful bracelet again in autumn colours. The leather touch of the dress gives it a look which makes it suitable for going out in the evening or a cocktail party. The checkered motif has been often overlooked when it comes to party dresses. It is considered too casual but it shouldn’t be. Even a conventional checkered dress can look amazing if it is combined with a pair of “killer” high heel shoes or a small clutch bag.

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