The autumn has a queen!


On this cold and rainy day I can remember the days when it was better. The sun was shining and the birds was flying high.. Time when the wind blew my dress and hair. Time when I was happy and every day sunlight fondled my face. But now it is a different time, different weather and we should get used to this change,

Being on the Sea is the perfect time to wear this dress. For this perfect sea place I chose long beach dress. Whatever the weather, a cute long beach dress will make your day! Summer time is the perfect time to wear a dress. Summer beach dresses combine light fabrics with a variety of different designs ornaments. You have the tight legs and you have the tan. Now all you need is the perfect summer dress to show them off. My dress is handmade model. Yeah, I chose the model, color and I found seamstress to made it. Be creative. You can do it.

Be always open for the beautiful things in your way, find them and spend as much as time possible there.


IMG_71841 IMG_7317blog IMG_72101contrast


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