The 90-day fitness challenge/ part III


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Hello friends! No, it’s not time for our third measurement (it will be in the middle of October), be patient. I decided today to tell you a bit more about my workouts with Lubo (my new fitness coach from Pulse Fitness & Spa), more about my favorite group workouts which I visit, the progress of Kalo and everything that can be helpful and interesting for you. I deliberately avoid the topic of my dietary regime because it is strictly individual and prepared especially for me, my weight, goals, tastes and expectations and will not show the same results to everyone else. The only piece of advice that I would give you is to contact with a professionalist in this area that can prepare a special regime for you. Furthermore, you can keep your feedback with this person and talk more about how you feel and anything that you are interested and excited about. I think, that’s the most important thing.


It’s been nearly two months since Kalo and I started the challenge. I feel really good and full of energy and tonus. My weight is no longer falling, but I didn’t need to lose weight, only to form and stiffen my body, transform fat tissue into muscles. Therefore I stay on the same weight (52 kg), but in the same time I have much better physics and relief. However, I think it’s not important how much you weigh,  it’s important how you look and how you feel, right?

My workouts with Lubo are fundamentally different from those with Militsa and I would say quite heavy and demanding. Right now my program is as follows: Monday: Workout for legs and seat (after that I can’t walk and this is the busiest, but my favorite day); Tuesday: 40 minutes cardio or group workouts (I love spinning); Wednesday: Training for back and stomach; Thursday: 40 minutes cardio (trail again treadmill, cross trainer or group workouts); Friday: Workout for chest and arms; Saturday and Sunday: rest.

Kalo continues with his coach Vladi the intense and heavy workouts, often involving super series. He goes to the gym five days a week and makes cardio between 20 and 30 min. for finish. The trail running is on higher inclines, do not run, just walk so that the pulse is between 135-145 beats per minute. Starting gradually, every two weeks duration was increased by 5 minutes, until it reaches the maximum 30 minutes. The pulse frequency more than 145 and time duration over 30 minutes “burn” not only fat but also muscle mass, so we limited the burning of the muscles to a minimum. The workouts of Kalo are divided by days. Еach day he trains a separate muscle group to fully stress it. Twice a week he practices belly at the end of the training and before cardio. The weights pounds are the same. Heavy weight with many repetitions and more sets.

It is important to point out that when you gain more muscle mass – the workouts, the series, the burdens are fundamentally different and cardio removed completely. When  we gain more muscle mass the workouts are with slightly lighter weight,  3-4 to 4 series, with up to 12/10/8/6 repetitions. For example: Kalo’s current workout for fat burning looks like this: 4-5 exercises to 5 sets with 15 reps with heavy weight.

The Kalo’s diet is again strictly individual, but this month another meal was added, which is fifth for the day. Small portions with the necessary protein and calories, as well as a limited amount of carbohydrates a day. There is a high carbs day once a week, which includes more carbohydrates before and after exercise (rice/ sweet potato) to keep the amount of his muscles in front of the fat.


Besides my workouts with Lubo, Tuesday and Thursday I visit some group workouts. My favorites are Spinning, Step, Zumba and Kangoo Jumps. To be honest there is no better cardio for me like Spinning and Kangoo Jumps. They continue about one hour. In the Spinning different stages alternate – uphill, downhill, sprints, etc. and in Kangoo Jumps the best of all are those special shoes that are very comfortable, make fun workout, but at the same time protect the joints and the spine.


Stay tuned because part IV of “The 90-day fitness challenge” is coming soon, friends. If you missed the beginning of this story, throwback to part I and II.



  Sports tights – Flair

 Sports vest top –  Flair

Shoes – Adidas


Sweatpants – Puma

T-shirt – ASICS

Shoes – Reebok

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