The 90-day fitness challenge/ part II


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Hello friends! It’s been one month since Kalo and I started our “90-day fitness challenge” that aims to transform completely our bodies. (If you missed the beginning of this story, see here briefly what the challenge comprises in.) I promised you that we will follow together the results that we have achieved, the difficulties we have encountered, but before that I want to tell you how this first month passed.

I will not hide from you that the beginning was very difficult, even painful. The problem was not in the workouts but the food and the lack of our favorite coffee, chocolate, pizza, lasagna, pancakes with Nutella, French croissants and all sinfully delicious thingy that suddenly we stopped eating. In the beginning I entered in the store and my mouth was filling up with saliva. I felt really painfully dependent on the sweet things and very weak, but after just two weeks I didn’t want it any more. I have never believed before that I would stand one day without chocolate or my favorite white frappe, but it turned out that my body just no longer was looking for these things.

The workouts became from difficult and impossible to difficult and enjoyable. We already had more strength, more endurance and I hadn’t even suspected what my body is capable of. Kalo and I no longer felt any muscle strain and fatigue. We even started boxing, which I will cover about more, very soon. Unfortunately my workouts with the fitness coach Militsa Georgieva end and we won’t be able to finish the challenge together because she will devote entirely on her medicine education. Of course, I will remain in the hands of another professional coach from Pulse Fitness & Spa Bulgaria and we will continue the battle. By the way with Militsa we have prepared for you some easy, but very effective and very cool isometric workouts that you can try at home. Try to pass each of the exercises for 1 to 2 minutes:

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After the workouts it’s time to get right back to where we have started from, namely the results. In a previous post I told you more about the FIT3D proscanner which securely stores scan measurements and data which users can track and see where they have started from and what they have achieved on the way to their goal. So I will not waste your time more but show you our initial measurements before we began the challenge compared to our current ones:


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Friends, you can expect part III very soon!

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