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The colors of Royal Botanic Gardens


Oh, this London... It's never the way I expect it. I went with hope and prediction for spring weather and sunshine and London surprised us with a lot of clouds, but at least with the lack of rain. London gave us another favorite and unforgettable moments, an inspiring exhibition at the Maddox Gallery by Bradley ...

Through the streets of London … Part 3


Hello, mints! Always at this part of the year comes a little sad and difficult period for me, also known as the "winter student exam session". I’m sitting 8 exams, which is not unusual, but there are more pleasant things to do, you know? But there is no more time to complain because "Through the ...

Through the streets of London… Part 2


London is absolutely glamorous and beautiful and it's difficult to stay unbiased to it. I was able to enjoy it for a little longer time, which enabled me to discover some unique locations for photos and also for relaxation and walks that are far away from the center and all the multitude that accompanied it. ...