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Poetic black


I've never been a fan of complete clothing in one equal color. What is more, I’ve always thought that I endamage the other colors. However, sometimes I wish that colors were not the main emphasis. Before, you rarely could see me to wear and prefer black as a color, but now I’m increasingly getting keen ...

Made in Bulgaria


Lately it has become fashionable to underestimate ourselves, our talents and surrounding opportunities. It seems that a new trend literally replaces words like "I can", "I know", "will become" with "not now", "not here," "another time", "no sense" like a newly-hatched mobile application trying to erase the courage and essence of us. Or so I ...

Send 2016 with a smile


If I have to summarize 2016 in one word, it would be love. Although it was difficult at times and I couldn’t wait it to end, it was a lovely year that left me speechless. I remember welcoming 2016 in London, where I met my grandfather, after nearly 10 years of separation. It was a ...