Sunshine in December?


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Imagine temperatures of 15 degrees, warm sun, no wind and all this on the 31st of December… Are you wondering where this heaven is? It is Dubrovnik! The weather there is always warm, the people don’t have heating installations and they don’t know how real winter and snow look like. My walk around this beautiful place took me to the Old Town and around the old fortification which encompasses it. This might take you about 2 hours, especially if, like us, you take photos at every step. The view from above was worth it. It closely reminded me of Venice. All Mediterranean-style houses were arranged along the coastal line with their white walls, red rooftops and a lot of vegetation around them. There was a football pitch, as if unintentionally erected in the middle of this, which blew my mind. These boys have a hell of a view…I wondered what an expensive and successful restaurant someone could have built at that location, but they didn’t. Indeed in this town style and history are conserved in a way that no entrepreneur can really change.

This sweater in a mustard colour is one of my favourites this winter. The yellow-brownish shades give warmth and shine to any face, no matter if the lady is a blonde or a brunette. The asymmetrical model turned out to be rather universal and I happen to choose these kind of models more and more. You can wear them with high-waist trousers like me or with low-waist ones. This model is by the brand GinaTricot. It is not one of the popular ones in Bulgaria but it sometimes has interesting suggestions.

The jeans are by Pieces and, to be fair, almost all the high-waist jeans and trousers in my wardrobe are by this brand. They have a large variety of models that fit perfectly. They make the figure taller, tuck the belly in, emphasize the waist and push up the buttocks. I love them!

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