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It was definitely a very spring – no spring week. Still, I stole some sun rays and pleasant moments to fill me up for our last trip with Kalo. I told you that we’re heading to London, but it’s after a week. (I really don’t have any patience!) Before that we will go to Pamporovo for a while, where I haven’t been since my school years, but the mountain in spring looks and sounds to me too tempting. And what about you?

Recently I rediscover and find more and more pleasant and cool places in Sofia. And although I have the most awesome cosmic coffee machine at home (I won it at one Saeco Incanto’s event, it was a huge surprise), I can’t forget and abandon my favorite coffee places, relaxing, with nice apple pie, that I share with friends and unfortunately only virtually with you. In this article I will treat you with another one.

Besides beautiful and favorite places, this spring I rediscovered the natural cosmetics. After the winter my skin was in a very bad condition, on some places very dry, my nose even peeled and I had a desperate need of deep hydration. This time I have found the salvation in a brand, inspired by my love to Finland – Mia Höytö, which are fairly recent on our market and very unfamiliar. Alongside my mother’s veganity, I increasingly look at whether a brand is testing or not its products on animals. Not because of the cause or idea itself, but Mia Höytö doesn’t test its products on animals and thus it shows me that Mia Höytö are convinced of what they create and offer to their clients, it gives me some sense of security. I use several products (a wash gel, an intensive hydrating face cream, a peeling mask and an eye cream) for total skin care, which are 99% natural in origin. After about two months of daily use the products affected very well my skin, regained my skin’s fresh look, without overcoating it. Once again I was happy that I tried something new and different for me. By the way do you often trust the new brands or look for names and brands that you are familiar with?


Place – The Little Things

Makeup – M·A·C

Pants – Zara 

Bomber jacket – Reserved

Shoes – Deichmann

Bag – Parfois

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