Seven things I loved mostly in 2017!


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Another year has passed (I know, I know there is a month left but the door is almost closed, right?) just like one of those wonderful moments that you don’t want to end. They say you are really happy when you don’t feel how the time is flying, right? But everything is happening so fast that I’m scared. It’s already mid of November and I am planning something new for the holidays. Actually I am already looking to buy gifts for my closest. I think the Christmas spirit already have started encompassing me, no matter how early you think is.
2017 was totally amazing year which left me speechless, without tears nor time (always keeping in mind time is never enough). In 2018 I have the determination to achieve greater success. I want to have more from those wonderful moments, to cope with all the obstacles that are coming and to adore life as I did now, because no matter what is coming (good or bad) it makes my life even more beautiful. That’s why I am sharing with you 7 things I loved mostly in 2017 and I will be really glad if you also share yours?

  1. In 2017 I met many, many people as many as I haven’t imagined I will meet! They are the most interesting, endlessly positive and cool unknowns ever. And you know what’s the best? All that happened because of the blog!

  2. 2017 has shown me new beauties that I haven’t discovered in the world! Firstly I have visited London in the spring, then I drank Aperol enjoying the company of the most amazing sunset in Florence, lastly the Italian Riviera took my mind and the October adventure on Thassos made me dream of its paradise on a daily basis. Ah, it was so soon that I forgot that I just came back from Bucharest. Now, again I am planning something – a winter escape.

  3. I managed to realize my most favorite projects! I will use the occasion to remind you some of them: Made in Bulgaria with Ivanka HristovaOur mountain tale, SAFARI, H&M x Erdem’s Secret Garden.

  4. I rediscovered my love for the coffee! It may sound strange to you but in 2017 too many good things happened because of the coffee. I don’t know if you remember but I will remind you. Everything have started when I won the “Cosmic coffee maker” Saeco Incanto which literally revealed me the beauty of the coffee. Then I was part of the Starbucks Barista Championship 2017 jury. Really I drank so many cups of cinnamon cappuccino and espresso coffee with my loved ones that I felt in love with the coffee. Being at home or somewhere outside, telling each other sweet tales on a cup of coffee all the attention we need, sharing not only a cup of coffee is now one of my top 7 favourite things.

  5. We have started making some videos! Rather, Kalo rediscovered his new passion while I’m still learning how to act better in front of the camera (and not to think a lot about it). I hope by the end of the year we will release all the videos we made so far (now they are available only on Vimeo), as well as a few special editions such as “Questions and Answers” and some other vlogs which we uploaded on our YouTube channel. We will be more active now, so stay tuned!

  6. I have tried something completely new to me and I liked it! As you know from this year I have started the photoepilation procedures with Philips Lumea. I followed the topic from its very beginning when they firstly started talking about the method in Bulgaria. I confess I was very skeptic at the beginning but after my mother tried it at the saloon and she had great results I have changed my opinion. However, I wanted to be more independent and that’s why I have chosen to use Lumea. I showed you the procedure from the beginning until I have started having some results. Now I keep using Lumea every 4 to 7 weeks, and only with one procedure I am keeping the results. Honestly I’m m very glad I have dared to try it. Everything is super convenient (I know at first glance it seems very obligatory to follow the exact procedures, it seemed to me like that, but it is actually much easier than it seems) and at the same time gives you such invaluable freedom, my faithful ally even now in the winter. So, guys don’t think about it too much just do something new and different!

  7. 2017 was successful, beautiful, loved, loving and lovely! For me the greatest happiness is to know and to see everyone around me is happy, loved and in a good health. During 2017 I also have had some disappointing moments and small problems but I believe every situation has a solution when there are people who loves and support you. Right now I’m happier, I am giving more and I feel more love than ever before. Now every day Kalo and I, we are getting closer to the fulfillment of our greatest dream, which 2018 will bring it to us as reality!

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