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Time flies really imperceptibly. Tomorrow our blog becomes 1 year old, and as it was yesterday, when this project was just an idea. Actually, this made me think and realize how much this blog changed our lives. So many unforgettable moments, smiles, amazing places, friendships, emotions but also many sacrifices, diligence, sleepless nights and love. This is MintStories. This is us.

Very soon I am going to prepare an “anniversary” post on a very special day for me, my friends. I will remind you some of the best moments of the blog during the past year, as well as a surprise that I have been preparing for a long time.

Speaking of surprises – a big surprise for me was to find a new inspiring brand in the face of “Cliché”. Their new summer collection is filled with sets of several parts that complement each other perfectly. High-waisted trousers in combination with crop top in my favorite red color create a sense of freedom and comfort and simple elegance at the same time. To dynamise the vision and give it more summer sensation, I added for emphasis a beautiful red flower handmade by Radiana Kuykova especially for me. As a final – а black watch from the summer sale of “Oxette”, which is the only jewel, in my opinion, that this outfit needed.

And while we are on the “red wave”, I can’t miss to boast you that I managed to find a really long-lasting nail polish. The drying time was faster than ordinary nail polish (about 10 minutes) and my nails were completely dry. It comes of the new technology “OPI” – Infinite Shine, which is extremely easy to use at home. It consists of three steps (base, color and top coat), which are applied one after the other to achieve the optimal result. The only disadvantage is the price, which is normal for “OPI” but is still high, I think. The good news is that you will have it for a long time, because they are very economical.  : )))



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Photographer – Kaloyan Hristov

Makeup – Boryana Stefanova

Pants/short top – Cliché

Photo camera  – Olympus Pen

Flower – Radiana’s Flowers

Watch – Oxette

Place – Paradise Center

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