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In spite of my fragile years (soon I will be 24) the rule – “hurry slowly” didn’t apply for me until recently and I didn’t even think how all this strain and constant pace is affecting me. Recently, our society has developed a huge tendency to live fast, not to think so much, to sleep less, to consume more processed foods, as if we are more irritable than before and we have much more to be angry about. But do we really need to get exhausted this way?

Fortunately, I relatively early realized that my actions, the influence of external (UV rays, pollution) and internal (stress, lack of sleep) factors have a major impact on me. I began to pay more attention to myself, to how I feel, to my inner peace and state and how all of this affect my appearance.

This summer I took care of a few very important things for me that really take time (still good things take time) and have a major role in my self-esteem and internal harmony, help me to feel and look better, more beautiful and happier, of course.

I started training again (group activities and workouts with a trainer) and a light diet to get into shape not only for the summer but also to feel that wonderful feeling of energy, as if I could achieve everything. Last year we were unable to finish the challenge with Kalo because I suffered a slight injury in the waist and knees. Honestly, I’m guilty for that because I was overwhelmed with my ambition to achieve the results that I’ve been aiming for, too quickly. I already know what my strengths are, what is the best way for me and how much time I need to achieve the desired shape. If you want I will share with you again gradually how the training takes place, some new tips and the results here.

I also took care for one of the biggest women’s dream – the smooth skin. I told you in one of the previous posts a few months ago that I had decided to join the challenge called Photoepilation and Lumea and the results were not late. It’s good to know before you start that you have to be consistent and regular with the procedures (download Lumea‘s convenient application to remind you when you have a procedure, it helps me personally), to judge carefully are your hairs suitable for this device (so as not to be disappointed if you don’t have a result) because the areas which I can treat with it (the places where my hairs are darker, respectively) are just: legs, underarms and the trianglе, but that totally suits me. On the other places my hairs are very bright and blond and I didn’t even try to treat them with the Lumea. It’s not a problem to start the procedures now, even when you are exposed to the sun but be careful not to be the same day when you do the procedures and the day before or after that. For best results use the SmartSkin sensor on the 4th or 5th degree if you feel comfortable, of course. Don’t be in a hurry, there will be results, just be patient and do at least 4, 5 procedures, don’t give up if you need more procedures, because the freedom not to think about whether you have epilation or not after that is invaluable.

I’ve told you before that my mother trusted before me the saloon procedures and has been enjoying some great results with the photoepilation for a year already. Well, I have managed to deny her from the procedures in the saloon and now she enjoys the comfort and convenience of doing it at home. One more thing that I like about Lumea is that its life (Lumea’s life impulses) is so many (250,000) that it can be shared without any problems with another person and it’s very easy to wash and maintain.


Place – Trakiec

Dress – Weekend by Max Mara

Jewelery – FREYWILLE


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