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I remember when I was little and we were shooting everything only on film how there was a magic in the waiting, the tension, the ambiguity of what have happened, what you have created and then how sweetly we kept the memories in albums but real ones, not digital. My family used to have a little black camera (unfortunately I can’t remember exactly the brand’s name and the model), but it was with a color film, 24 shots and a leather case. This little machine has sealed all of my family holidays, breaks, my first selfies and many other memories that I now look at when I’m visiting my parents with an incredibly warm feeling inside of me. I remember once lighting one film and destroying all of my father’s pictures from Ireland. He was so in love with this place … As much as you had learned about what to do and how to do it there was no rest until you saw the final results. Often the mistakes were irreparable.

Now you just shoot and a moment after you’ve pressed the trigger the result is on your screen. As if at one point photography lost that magic of “waiting,” “thrill” and “creation”. There are no more moments in which on a white sheet of paper dipped in a van with a developer against the backdrop of а weak dark red light appears an image that becomes more and more comprehensible and comprehensible. Now everything is easier, better, more accessible and practical, but seems to miss something…

Kalo and I came across one of the greatest cameras in photographic history (Hasselblad 500c) and made our first experiments with a medium-sized camera. Our roll film was Konica, 19-years-old film, but the thrill of not knowing whether something would come out or not, was even greater. It’s really like a magic to shoot with a legendary Hasselblad, the risk of having only 12 frames, and not knowing if anyone is going to be successful until you have the film developed is unique. What I adore most in this return to the past is the fact that it makes you think much more about the right light, the right moment, and not just carelessly taking a “snap”, but you feel every single shot. I think that’s what we miss.


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