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Having a working space at home hides many risks. It`s harder to focus, to organize yourself and sometimes dealing with lack of inspiration, being slower and many, many others. On the other side there are so many good things, such as having more freedom, organizing your day, no need to waste time in traffic (it becomes more and more terrible in Sofia), you can do your job successfully only in pajamas and without much vanity, but ultimately it’s all about whether you can organize yourself, motivate yourself and be as useful as possible to yourself in everything you do.

I realized that I’m really more effective when I have a specific place just for work. Kalo prefers to work in our photo studio (which we also use for an office and meetings), he is much more organized like that, but I adore the comfort and warmth of our home. That’s why I created my own workplace at home, which inspires and organizes me at the same time. It’s not something special but you don’t need much, just a little space and you can freely use your imagination. Here’s my little home office in a few easy steps and tips:

  1. I did a total displacement in the apartment where we live to find this small room. Every home hides some great place waiting to be transformed. Just look around!

  2. I wanted much more light. That’s why we placed my desk near the window, we have used mostly lighter tones to open the room even more (anyway the place is too small) and I used some lamps to create cosiness in the evenings.

  3. I like listening to music all day long but I don’t like the headphones. So instead of buying and connecting expensive speakers and having a lot of wires, I came to a very cute and practical solution – Portable audioCube от Allocacoc that I can take anywhere with me.

  4. I indulged my senses! My advise to you is to do the same and do not save from nothing, go around and do everything like the way you want it to be there every day. Put vases with flowers, a few frames with your favorite pictures and moments, something nice to read, captivating aroma and why not chocolate for luxury?

  5. I have not invested in many new and expensive things, I`d rather transform old ones, like my desk, which is over 30 years old and with a little paint became like new one.

  6. I also created a little resting place that Bebo (my cat) quickly took, but I just love to start my day with a cup of coffee and my favorite InGlobo there.

  7. I didn’t put too many unnecessary things, only what I really need.



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