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Leather is a compulsory material this fall and it is worth paying a little bit more for something which you know that will last forever or get better with the years. Leather came back this fashion season and one of its most elegant versions is the leather skirt. The fashion experts advise to choose a simple black one which would suit anything or try to mix the colours of autumn like dark blue and chocolate.

The leather skirt could without doubt become a strong card for any woman by winning her more than one or two nods of approval. However, don’t fool yourself into thinking that it is an easy task to wear it in order to achieve this. You need to know how to do it in order to avoid a fashion disaster. We provide you with several guidelines which will surely save you from this.


The first thing which you need to remember is that the tendencies released by the world’s fashion designers require that in the months to come the leather skirt reach just over or a little bit under the knee, the younger women can also go for an extra mini-size of the skirt. To put it in other words, the fashion followers wouldn’t look with approval on a skirt which goes all the way to the ankle. What’s more, this model would suit very few women. Although when it comes to the model of the skirt, you have a variety of choices (straight, pleated skirt, cloche or a wraparound skirt), it is important to take into consideration your own figure as well. If you are skinny, you don’t have restrictions on the models you can wear but it is recommendable that you rely more on the straight one with a cut on the back which will emphasize your body’s advantages. If you have a wider waist or hips, a pleated skirt will be the best choice for you.

In no case should you buy a leather skirt before trying it first because you think that if it is your size it should fit you well. The leather skirt without any exception are undersized and if you buy one that is too tight you will not only feel uncomfortable but the skirt will also look like drawn onto you. You don’t aim at this, right?


The key to combining the leather skirt properly with other pieces of clothing is to choose a top which is made of a lighter material and thus provide a contrast with the stiffness of the leather material. Cottons and silk are a good choice but cashmere, Angor wool and lace are also a good combination. The denim shirts can also be combined with a leather skirt but only if you would like to achieve a more provocative look.

The leather skirt tis combined best with a tight shirt or a sweater because otherwise the outfit looks unbalanced. As long as the colour of the skirt goes, black and dark brown are preferable. If you want something a little bit more different, choose black and blue for a night out and white and beige for the day. The colour of the top clothes should be matching – preferably contrastive to the one of the skirt.


In no case should you combine the leather skirt with a leather jacket (except for the case when the skirt is cloche and the jacket is short). Even then it is recommendable that they are in different colours. The leather skirt is better worn with woollen, tweed and plush jackets and clothes. For the top parts made of denim, the same rules hold, as well as for the shirts made of this material – they give a slightly avant-garde look. The combination with a classical blazer is very chic as well.

No matter if you will choose a skirt type “mini-pencil”, asymmetrical one, flared one or a straight one, with a leather skirt you will be ready for this season. Mix different materials and combine it with a fluffy sweater to achieve a sexy look. The leather skirt will give your outfit a piquant note.

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