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This is the second part of our adventure into this heavenly place which we found by accident. Can you imagine that this small lodge called “home” by someone in the past? Yeah, real people lived there and as they woke up every morning they were able to feel the breeze coming from the sea. Ah, isn’t this amazing? I think that this is one of the most awesome dwellings that I have ever seen. Imagine how every time you open your eyes the first thing you see is the sea, and the first thing you feel is the smell of pure nature and the sound of the crashing waves. You are free.

But let’s turn now to my fashion choices this time. I stumbled upon some wonderful blouse models which feature lace motifs. The one that I am wearing here is definitely my favourite (from H&M). Lace delights are both feminine and very sexy. My favourite black skirt with high waist completes perfectly the vision that I am seeking. And here you go, the perfect outfit is ready. The length of the skirt in this combination is not important – a lace top would look well with all length types, both long and mini. If the blouse is short, the skirt can have a high waist so that you don’t show your belly. This makes lace suitable for professional dress codes. However, practice has shown that merely the hint towards the sexy body underneath is intertwined with romanticism. A lace top with a mini skirt is a combination suitable for the night club, especially if the lace is transparent or has large embroideries.


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