La baguette! – Wholegrain pancakes with homemade vegan “Nutella”


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Hello! My name is Savina Nikolova and I live between Bulgaria and Italy for more than three years. I work in the sphere of digital marketing and PR and in the rest of my time I cook and travel. One of my last project is GelateriaNaturale – real 100% natural gelato. I believe that the real food is a way of life and respect for yourself. This is how the idea of “La Baguette” was born, which thanks to Zvezdi and Kalo from Mint Stories saw the light. From now this will be the place where I will share the emotions that come to me when I make a bread, mix a lemon cream or pass by a bakery in Provence. I hope we can find together the happiness and the beauty in simple things. This is La baguette!


The first recipe that I share with you is for wholegrain pancakes with homemade vegan “Nutella”, which you can prepare a couple of days before and the pancakes just when you get up for a fast and healthy breakfast.

Ingredients for homemade vegan “Nutella”:

-100gr. raw hazelnuts

-100gr. dark chocolate for cooking

-almond milk and unrefined sunflower oil as you need to obtain the perfect consistency

Ground the hazelnuts into a paste with a food processor, melt the chocolate using a water bath and mix all the ingredients together with a little of sunflower oil and almond milk, which can be replaced with every other vegetable milk, I suggest coconut as well. Transfer the chocolate cream to a jar and keep at room temperature for about two weeks.


Ingredients for two pancakes:

-1 egg

-100gr. wholegrain flor

-5gr. bio baking powder

-100ml. almond milk

Beat the eggs and blend together with almond milk, wholegrain flour and baking powder until everything is just combined. If the milk is not sweetened as usually is ad some brown sugar. Prepare small pancakes in a butter pan. When they are ready spread with homemade vegan “Nutella” and sprinkle with granola hazelnuts as desired. Voilà !

Buona giornata!



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