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Sand and salt in the hair, a warm to burning hot sun, stormy cold sea, warm and engulfing wind, desolated and abandoned places… all of this is summarized with only one word: “summer”. This is the word which throws spikes down my spine when I hear it. It is my season, my place, my nature – Varvara. A unique seaside town which will conquer your heart with its wild nature. We found this small and run-down house by chance while we were traveling to the beach. I felt like this bungalow is hiding many untold stories and I was, to be honest, a little bit afraid to venture inside.

Take a mint-colored flared skirt with a high waist (by Reserved) and combine it with a chiffon blouse with leather motifs and your perfect outfit is here. Flared skirts are perfect for the ladies who want their clothes to be fashionable, stylish and feminine at the same time. The other advantage of these skirts is that they allow you to hide the imperfections of the body and emphasize the advantages. In this case it masks the narrow hips and creates an illusion for a tiny waist.

Irrespective of whether you combine the flared skirt with a vest, shirt or another type of top, you need to make sure that it is a good match for the skirt and doesn’t look odd. It is recommendable that the top piece of clothing is plain or in the same style as the skirt, also it shouldn’t be too long. If you go by these requirements, the top can be anything, your choice depends on the occasion, your mood and your desired message. My choice is a chiffon blouse with leather motifs (from Bikbok).

Do you like flared skirts? What do you usually combine them with?


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