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It’s been two years since we met here for the first time and to tell you honestly I have no clue how all this time has passed. They say that time flies when you’re having fun, right? I never believed that this blog would give me so much. I haven’t realized yet what it took in return, but whatever it is it doesn’t matter, because this is me now. I have new dreams and goals, a new vision and understanding, a new love in my heart and a constant smile on my face. I am convinced that everything had purpose and that it happened for a specific reason. Because of this I decided to write this post percisely today – the day I become 23 years old. I wanted to write it according to my mood, to what I feel today, to the emotion that overwhelms me right now. And I feel not only alive, but terribly happy and real. I learned to love myself and I never cease to fight, because any dream is worth it. Thank you friends! Here’a treat for you with some of Mint Stories’ most beloved moments:

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