God forsaken place


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Oh, what can I say for this God forsaken place… One year ago I was drinking Mojito at this bar. The place was really crowded. The people were laughing, dancing and smiling. Love was in the air. Now everything is different. Now everything is empty, sad, nostalgic, dirty, and broken. When I saw my favorite bar abandoned, I felt lost.

For this empty and old place we select the “boyfriend” theme. When it comes to wearing boyfriend jeans, many outfits revolve around streetwear and street-inspired looks. The boyfriend jeans have been trendy for years and they are still hot. And we really like this because they spice up any outfit. Plus, we like the slightly “bad girl” style. Yeah, and the vest “Leave The Boy Alone” by ASOS. Absolute hit for last summer. Even the amazing singer Rihanna posted an Instagram photo of her cooking with this vest. Another perfect addition for this style is the new casual short T-shirt by H&M. The comfortable, light and cool fabric is exactly for you.

Be always open for the beautiful things in your way, find them and spend as much time as possible there.


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