The colors of Royal Botanic Gardens


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Oh, this London… It’s never the way I expect it. I went with hope and prediction for spring weather and sunshine and London surprised us with a lot of clouds, but at least with the lack of rain. London gave us another favorite and unforgettable moments, an inspiring exhibition at the Maddox Gallery by Bradley Theodore, long-planned meetings with some of my friends and my grandfather, who lived there for nearly 10 years, the most delicious carrot cake, more tea and less coffee, an unforgettable lunch with a real English family in their lovely home and many cool new places for a walk, coffee, brunch and sweet tales. By the way, thank you so much for all of you who shared your favorite places, I left some for our next visit, but again I fell in love with London. The energy of this city is unique. A real madness, people everywhere, sometimes it’s hard to move in the center, but somehow it captures all that.

And just how beautiful the city is… Kalo has told me a lot about the Royal Botanic Gardens and the grandeur of this place, but when you see it you can hardly describe it a few words later. We are not the type of people who are just walking around sightseeing and wanting to see everything at all costs, but here we decided to spend all of the day. Tickets are about 15 pounds per person and at the entrance they give you a small brochure with a card (very useful card because the place is really huge), more information and interesting places to visit. Unfortunately, two of the most remarkable things (Temperate House and Pagoda) were closed for renovation, but we will be back for them. However, we enjoyed a walk (Treetop Walkway) 18 meters high among the tree crowns, where we saw the unique Japanese Gateway and garden (unfortunately not caught the moment when roses were blooming), Palm House, Princess of Wales Conservatory and much, much beauty.

And just when you’re tired of a long walk you can try the most delicious carrot cake at The Orangery, take a break after a long walk (because you’ve barely passed the half) and enjoy the endless ceilings, windows and views.

Now I leave you to enjoy a small part of our tour in the Royal Botanic Gardens and we are preparing for our next trip. Can you guess where it will be?


Bomber jacket – Ivanka Hristova

Leggings Zara

Shoes – Nike

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