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Here I am again, my friends! It has been an eternity since our last meeting here, but the sacrifice was worth the time. I can already commend with my final exam and finally got my Bachelor’s degree! If you think that I have finished with the struggle you won’t be right – I am going to start with my master’s degree but I will talk about this later. Now I am just going to enjoy the rest (and the best) of the summer and the new projects that we are preparing with Kalo from a long time ago.

I decided after this one month of preparation for the exam and total alienation to give myself a small but loading shopping. It makes me really refreshed, just like an 8-hour sleep which is weird because I can’t feel my feet after that. It’s a strange contradiction, isn’t it? However I put myself a budget restriction and decided to visit again Forever 21 because I haven’t been there since the opening. In the high summer season, the prices are really affordable and for the amount of 200lv. (€100) I bought some really interesting pieces of clothing.

Here are some of my new fashion treasures and wait for the rest in the social medias – Facebook and Instagram, very soon!

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Shirt, Swimwear, High heels, Eyewear – Forever 21; Jeans – Mango; Necklace – AVON; Bag – Zara

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