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Аnother week, filled with so many meetings, people, photos and things that can’t stop me loving the live in this rhythm, flew out. If you follow my Instagram stories you already know that last weekend my family and I enjoyed a well-deserved escape from Sofia. We chose as а destination our favorite Plovdiv, but on the way we decided to stop by to a slightly forgotten in time beauty – the copper mine “Tsar Asen”, which I didn’t show you then because I wanted it to be a surprise today. You know that Kalo and I love to show you beautiful and different places, some forgotten, other not so. This time we found inspiration in a copper mine which view is mildly impressive. For some people this place should be prohibited, hidden and deleted. The reason for this are the harmful metals that lie on the bottom and the theories are many and various. One thing is certain – it’s worth seeing at least once in life. The terraced floors, which the copper mine are built from, look terrific and the turquoise water calms you down, but also scares you. The burning sun and lack of shade make you want to immerse yourself in it, but don’t you even think about it. The place is so charmingly forgotten. I really love it and what about you?


Clothes – Reserved

Accessories – Parfois

Shoes – Ingiliz

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