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Reading all the feedback on our latest articles (about ERDEMxH&M and My little home office) was an absolute joy for me, I’m so grateful that so many of you take a second to write me something so kind. You’re amazing! Thank you so much!

Today I want to share with you a little bit more about my basic elements for this autumn. My style, aesthetics and inspirations are perpetually evolving but always centered around a few key components: elegance, simplicity and comfort. My opinion keeps evolving of course, sometimes even changing throughout the years. But one thing I know for sure, is that being open minded has been the most rewarding and life changing approaches ever. Fashion has always been one of my favorite forms of creative expression, simply because it is a way to say something about ourselves without having to speak more. So if you ever see me outside events, just a walk around the city… you’ll probably notice how I always wear my basic elements I feel good and comfortable in. Here they are:

1. Green olive

1.We shot these images while hanging in the center of Sofia which is filled with so finest tall and old buildings, small restaurants and sweet cafes. I adore it! And on this occasion, I decided to drive a trend that I’ve always had a little skeptical mood: wide leg pants. I always felt like it wouldn’t have been really flattering, and it would just make me look odd until the day I finally decided to let it go. Now I’m a little intrigued by these amazing wide leg pants. They are from SheIn (from MyBag) and they are one of the most princesses and beautiful clothes I’ve tried! They make your feet so long and thin that it’s amazing. I wanted to compare them with some good classic pieces, like oversize beige t-shirt (from MAD concept), some Clandestino eyewear and a beautiful olive green backpack from Parfois. Let’s don’t forget and the marble clock from Cluse which is so elegant and basic!

2. All Black

2.This look is all about black. Most of these pieces are from the new Bulgarian fashion brand – MAD concept which I’m slightly obsessed with. The pieces are so chic and perfect to mix and match. This jacket by the way look tremendously good and with some black slim jeans and a white t-shirt. And the boots (from the Ellie Goulding‘s Collection from Deichmann) is a must have, imagine it with a long casual grey dress and a denim jacket? Мagnificent! This time, the gray element is from Parfois and is a long soft scarf that saves me in this cold weather. There are so many different options to look perfect with oversize pieces!

And one fragrance which is a real chameleon will be my choice for this autumn. As dark and light swirl together, a multitude of fascinating tonalities emerge, bitter and sweet, smoky and fresh, clean and dirty, resulting in a fragrance that, for all its complexity, never wears heavy. Just Oud Minérale by Tom Ford!

3. Hot chocolate

The autumn it’s the perfect weather to play with layers. Here I’m wearing this beautiful floral dress from SheIn, a brown cashmere coat from Weekend Max Mara (MDL Group) and a classic little black bag from Furla. The outfit is quite incredibly simple! I love these kind of looks, the ones where you don’t even need to think about. Just throw it on and it makes you feel so great and comfortable.

Which is your favorite outfit, folks?

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