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Hello friends! Summer is in full swing, but I feel super enthusiastic and full of energy for creation. Maybe the reason for this are the regular workouts, but this year I do not feel any summer weariness, as usual, quite the opposite, instead. Therefore, I decided not to give a rest to myself but devote myself on my summer madness and try something new. Accidentally or not I came across an ad in the social networks for intern in the Creative Direction and Production department. It turned out that I was the ideal candidate and from next week I begin the internship in the department in the wonderful fashion brand – ILMNE. It all happened so quickly and unexpectedly that even I still can’t believe. I promise you that I will tell you more details about this new adventure very soon.

And speaking of adventures, you probably have already known that Kalo and I made a little air tour with Jet-Ops. We were taking off on a breathtaking 25 minutes flight tour covering the outskirts of Sofia and its magnificent surroundings, stunning waters of Pancharevo Lake and a chilling view to Vitosha Mountain. The experience is really unique and very different from ordinary flying with a large airliner. I had little concerns and fears before it, but I’m glad that I managed to overcome it and to feel this adrenaline. Here it is a little part of this beauty:


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Denim shorts – Forever 21

Shirt – Zara 

T-shirt – Forever 21

Hat – Zara

Bracelets – Belleza Jewels

Sneakers – Converse

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