Along the tiny streets of Dubrovnik…


The new year for me began at a warm, small, cosy and fairytale-like place – Dubrovnik (Croatia). The pearl of Croatia, also known as „The Small Venice“, is a tiny town from the Middle Ages which conquers your heart with its beauty and style. The old town is surrounded by castle walls which hide its magnificence. Inside the walls there are small white houses with red roofs and cute gardens. The curious thing is that people continue living in these small houses with very tiny streets and steep steep staircases. You can’t reach them neither by car nor a bike, you must walk. I can’t explain why these streets attract me so much. But I can imagine how many stories they hide, forgotten destinies and dreams…


But let’s stop talking about the place because I might start feeling nostalgic. I will soon give you more details about this heavenly spot. Let’s turn now to my outfit which is rather casual and informal. It is perfect for a lazy stroll in the city. My long woolen coat is perhaps my best purchase this winter. This season the emphasis is on the top clothes while the extra long coats have gone out of fashion. The colours also change in a way that dark hues (black and brown) are not accepted as fashionable. The gray coats are a big craze this winter. The light hues are more common and they vary from pigeon to chinchilla skin colour. On the gray coats there are usually no prints, which comes to show that the colour is self-explanatory in itself. Among with the fashion tendencies, it is important that your coat is warm. Always look at the label because my coat looked very light at first but it turned out to be 90% made of wool and despite its “light” look it is very warm.


I love scarves! This is perhaps my favorite accessory and one of the few reasons why I love winter – I can wear many scarves. This one is from H&M and it has a fascinating plain colour, soft material and it is also warm. Yes, it is incredibly warm, which has surprised me. I match it with my favourite high boots (Stradivarius) which cost me a tremendous amount of effort to find. I wanted this model and colour specifically and nothing else could make do. For this winter, I advise you to choose boots with thick heels or a platform. Platform boots are not only fashionable but also practical. In these types of shoes, the upper part needs to be loose. Heels on such winter shoes makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

Whatever you choose, always feel comfortable in your own skin. It is not worth it making sacrifices in the name of fashion.

See you soon, friends.

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