The 90-day fitness challenge/ part IV


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Hello, lovely people! After the summer emotions and the short break it’s time to get back to “The 90-day fitness challenge”. To be honest it’s turned out quite difficult to be on a schedule and train every day when you’re on a vacation. We tried to eat as pure as we could and to train at least every other day, but maybe from the different climate, sea water, hot weather or the long evenings we were so lazy that we didn’t train as much as in our daily live in Sofia. However, now we returned to our workouts with our coaches from Pulse Fitness & Spa and look forward to sharing with you what we have achieved for all these three months work. The final measure will be in the mid-October, when the challenge ends. Stay tuned!

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Until then, I want to draw your attention to something very important, which I haven’t mentioned until now, namely the need for nutritional supplements and vitamins, which are also an indispensable part of our diet. Kalo and I take daily Omega-3 Complex, Lecithin E and vitamin and mineral complexes Daily. Each of these has its useful value and importance to the body. For example, the nutritional supplements with fish oil containing Omega-3 help for the supply of fatty acids that may be missing in the diet. The nutritional supplement with vitamin E and lecithin is an antioxidant which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, while lecithin is a naturally derived emulsifier of fatty substances. Daily is a convenient solution for the lack of certain nutrients and is specially formulated to provide a supplementary source of those vitamins and minerals that help to meet daily nutritional requirements and that may be missing from the regular diet.

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For the final I decided again to show you some exercises that are part of my training regime. In one of the previous posts we showed you with Militsa a simple, but very effective and hard isometric workout. However, I decided today to sweat you more with my coach Lubomir Stoyanov and my favorite CrossFit workout. These are short, but very intense exercises which combine various elements of several sports. At CrossFit we train complexly the whole body without isolating different muscle groups. Try to do the following: super series (this means alternating several exercises without rest in between) from 1st to 3rd exercise for 1 minute (total of 3 minutes). Rest 1 minute and repeat the super series. It is good to repeat at least 3, 4 times and rest after each set. Then make super series from 4th to 6th exercise and again follow the same time for rest and repetition. The body develops when is under stress and when is not accustomed. For that I love so much the CrossFit workouts. Always outside of my comfort zone.

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 Sports tights – Dress Code Fit

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Shoes – Adidas

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