Summertime sadness


This is the last post for this summer. I am writing it with great nostalgia for the days gone by. I remember the times when sunlight woke me up in the morning and when the nights were hot. Times when the days were longer and the nights were short. However, all this disappeared in a few seconds…

And what can we say about the place… It is the Bulgarian coastal town – Varvara. It has the most amazing view that I have ever seen. The sun was falling down like a stone in the sea. And red sky enveloped us like dark in the night. You sit down in the white chair and tried to thinking, but you can’t. You just watched.

Sometimes fashion’s macro obsessions are revealed in the smallest details. Our obsession is mint colour, but you know that, hahaha. One of the key trends for Summer 2014 is Colour Blocking, a non-ferrous trend. It’s certainly fresh and super colourful, it also has a feeling of freedom to it. Fresh colour blocking is a method of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit, but we believe that you can be colourful with only one color if your mind is happy with it.

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