22 facts about me and some of my favorite moments from MintStories!


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This post will not be like anyone else, because the day is not like any other one for me. Today I celebrate my 22nd birthday and I am very happy that I can share it with you, friends. Really I can’t wish anything more in my life because I have everything what I need to be infinitely happy. Two days ago our blog celebrated his first year. Our team had the pleasure to surprise three ladies with gifts, which was the biggest gift for me. When I started this blog, I had never expected that it would become such an integral part of my life. Many of the most beautiful moments in my life I experienced with MintStories. Everyday I meеt many new and wonderful people who possess my intensity and desire to create and desire to create. I have so many dreams and plans that I want to recreate for you to make you feel this energy. Thank you for your support, trust, smiles, opinions (good and bad), friendship and for everything you are. I love you!

Especially for today’s “anniversary” post I selected some of my favorite moments of MintStories for this one year and also 22 facts for me to celebrate my 22nd birthday. Happy reading.

BeFunky Collage

  1. I have never dyed my hair and that’s my natural color.
  2. I have a cat that I took from the street and it’s the most beautiful creature.
  3. My favorite colors are: red, green and beige.
  4. I am studying “Public Administration” in Sofia University and I am in my fourth (last) year. I would like to study two master’s degrees, but related to advertising and marketing, In the future.
  5. I have a pet white rabbit too, which is 10 years old (this is really a lot for a rabbit, because they live only 5-6 years).
  6. I’m 1.68 cm tall.
  7. I have 7 wardrobes with clothes and I often give some away, because sometimes I really shop more than it is necessary.
  8. I have been working since I was 16 years old and I think this is the fact which changed me a lot and built me up as a person who can understand life.
  9. I have studied ancient languages at the National School for Ancient Languages and Cultures as Latin, Ancient Greek and Ancient Slavonic. It was very difficult and even “impossible” to learn them, but they definitely disciplined me how to learn effectively.
  10. I love avocado in combination with green salad.
  11. I don’t have brothers or sisters, but I’ve always wanted.
  12. I love traveling and exploring many new countries and cultures. This is what really inspires me and recharges me. I have an aim – every year to visit more places than the previous year.
  13. I can’t swim, because I have a fear of water. When I was a child I had a small accident with falling from a pier. It’s very hard for me to relax and learn how to swim.
  14. I don’t drink fizzy drinks. I don’t think that they are healthy or needed.
  15. I eat and love chili in any form.
  16. My star sign is Leo and I am a typical Lion but eventually I learned to accept and listen to other opinion and advice.
  17. My greatest fear is from snakes.
  18. I live “on schedule”. It sounds a bit scary but it organizes me a lot and I don’t forget anything important. I have a notebook (organizer) in which I write absolutely everything, many ideas that come to my mind and everything that excites me.
  19. I shop mostly online – much easier for me, more profitable, and I don’t waste my time in trying clothes at the stores.
  20. My favorite and lucky number is 9.
  21. My favorite photographer is Mario Testino. He recreates the moment in the most stylish and fashion way, in the most imaginative form.
  22. I’m infinitely positive person and I love life a lot!

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