2018th year and the first cozy weekend…


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It has begun! Yes, the new year is already here and fast racing through the days of the calendar. What awaits me? Nobody knows, just the “Adjustment Bureau” (I don’t know if you ‘ve watched this movie but it’s really interesting, I recommend it). What I have been planning for 2018? New home, summer renovation and furnishing of the house in Dragalevtsi, where we’ll live with Kalo (we have planned and saved money for it for 2 years, so we didn’t travel so often, we limited our expenses only to really important things, we put it as a goal because we didn’t want to withdraw credits and we’re almost ready), possibly selling my apartment where we are currently living in (I’m still considering this step because I want to invest in something new and we should carefully consider the opportunities we have), to complete my master’s degree in the NBU and to join the business academy – 9Academy (I don’t know if it will happen this year, but I don’t want to waste time), perhaps more interesting trips, to start driving more often, to go to the theater every month and something completely new and planned for a long time for the blog, but for now I can’t tell you more, but if it happens, it will be the biggest gift for my 25th birthday. So stay tuned!

Surely there will be many other things that I have never planned and others that will not happen in the way I expected to,but that’s the best part of life – there’s always something new to surprise you. But I am definitely a person who wants to have some clear idea of where I want to go, I know that the path of this journey is constantly changing, making surprising turns, stops suddenly, but the most important thing is to not lose direction.

The first weekend of 2018 was magnificent. Sofia was still empty and you could enjoy your cup of cappuccino and lazy good moments. I put on something warm and soft (by the way, I found great oversize sweaters in LC Waikiki at very low prices) and we went for a walk with Kalo. I treated myself to a homemade tiramisu in Made in Blue. I adore this place in the hours when there are no people and you can really feel its whole coziness, the rest of the time I don’t like to be there, it gets suffocating and compact. This weekend I was eager to try my slightly late Christmas gift – the Porst reflex c-tl 35mm film camera, we have not yet used all the footage of the film, but when it happens I will share the results with you if there is something interesting. And you… How did you spend the beginning of 2018? Do you make plans or do you go with the flow?


Coat – LC Waikiki

Sweater – LC Waikiki

Watch – CLUSE 

Sunglasses – Clandestino

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