A smile is the best makeup a girl could wear!


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Dear friends, the weather is amazing and my mood is more than sunny. I am very happy about our upcoming projects that I can’t wait to share with you. After exactly one month I will be traveling to a great trip to Italy, which means that one of my dreams will come true. I am pleased to meet with funny and wonderful people, which I have met because of the blog. Another happy news is my birthday for which I decided to presents you a different post in which you can know something more about me. Stay tuned, guys, because many things on which we have worked a lot with the whole team are coming soon.


In the next few beauty posts I decided to introduce you my makeup brands that I use. Summer is one of those seasons in which I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup. Especially if I have already a suntan – then I don’t think I need any makeup at all. Of course, like any vain lady I prefer to hide any slight imperfection. Very often in the summer I used “BB creams”. Now in the stores there are so many brands that offer a similar product. I have experience with BB Cream at least 5-6 companies, but decided to share with you my view on the latest, which I tested by “SVR“. The product have two shades (light and dark), as most of these creams. Pretty good coverage for a similar type of product, which surprised me very much, really. There is also a sun protection factor SPF20, which is necessary, especially for this unbearable heat. Very light formula that is applied and spread easily, moisturizing your face and has an affordable price, I think.


For a slight addition in my daily life I always use mascara. One of my favorites is “Catrice Jet Lash“. Definitely I don’t want to make them some kind of advertising, but this mascara is absolutely great. This mascara makes lashes very natural, curved and whit zero clump. I love a natural appearance and don’t like mascaras which makes lashes look artificial. Perhaps for this fact I like this mascara so much. I also use basis for shadows, shadows in pastel colors, black eyeliner, lipstick in nude color and taking my smile – definitely. Whatever kind of makeup you use – never forget you smile because it is the only thing that will always look perfect on you. :))))

5-smallUsed products:


2. Eyeshadow Base  by Catrice

3. Eye Color Compact by АVON

4. Eye Pencil by Catrice 

5. Mascara – “Jet Lash Speed Volume” by Catrice

6-small 2-3-kolaj

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