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There is hardly any morning in which I don’t let one of my favorite songs put a wonderful start to my day. Drinking coffee, travelling to university, training, studying for an exam or simply walking – music is an integral part of my life. I have never had any musical talent (which makes me feel very angry), but I’ve always been a connoisseur of quality stuff. I don’t limit myself to listening only one particular style of music. For me the quality of music has always been important because it forms a big part of the pleasure of listening to it. If the song is good and if it can manage to touch you and give you goosebumps – then nothing else matters.

My passion for music and quality sound led me initially to professional brands for headphones. They had very good quality of sound, but the thing that I didn’t like in all of them was the size. Most of the professional headphones are excessively large. I didn’t want to go out with them in the streets, take them when traveling or use them during training. Then I found a smaller and more compact solution in the face of “Frends“. These headphones have a simple, stylish, and modern design and produce high quality sound. In Bulgaria they are not so well known, but you can easily get them from the Internet because the company offers fast worldwide delivery. The quality of sound is very good for their size, they have a convenient carrying case, but the best thing about them is the changing caps. Yes, there is an infinite variety of visions that you can achieve through “Frends” headphones. My headphones are a little bijou which does a very good job and acts as my favourite fashion accessory as well.

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Denim dress – Debenhams

Bag – Parfois

Sneakers – Converse

Headphones – Layla Croc Gold by Frends

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