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I keep your present my favorite products that I use in the care of my face, but this time I want to draw attention to “face cleaning”. In this post I will present you four products that I have used recently. I prefer to tell you about things that I used lately, because I have absolutely fresh impression. And I noticed that the brands and products change frequently – some bring down the quality and other improve it. The important thing is to try and discover new things constantly.

  1. REVEAL Facial Cleansing brush by Remington”

One month ago I bought this face brush and before I buy it I was wondering whether it was worth the money. The shops have a huge variety of brands that offer similar face brush, but I trusted of “Remington”, because I have their curling irons and hairdryer and I am very pleased with the brand. For a month I used it every day – I was fascinated and awed. I don’t know how I was cleaning my face without such a device. I think of making a separate post on the clean brush, because I have a lot to tell and show you. Stay tuned.



The last clean face gel that I bought was by “SVR”. I have a BB cream of the same brand and decided to trust them again. I liked the big size of the bottle – 500 ml., which is enough for me for a very long time. The packaging says that is suitable for body, hair and hands too, but I confine myself only to the face. I use it in combination with the face brush of “Remington” and get very nice foam. It cleans well and at the same time doesn’t dry the skin. It has a very pleasant and discreet scent.


  1. Manuka Tree Face Toner by “Ziaja”

This is the first product that I have bought of this brand and decided to experiment with something new. Overall, I have a very good impression. I thought that this package will be more comfortable for me, but it turned out just the opposite. The tonic is good for my face, shrinks pores and has a clean fresh scent that I can’t specify. The price is pretty good and affordable, I think. I use it just before the cream for my face “APIVITA”, which I told you in one of the previous posts.


  1. Thermal Water by Uriage

Every summer I buy thermal water for face and this year I decided to trust for “Uriage”, because I had their samples of different products and I liked the brand as a whole. The water is suitable for the whole body, but I use it only for the face. Very refreshing and soothing sensation that is due to the high mineral content, I think. I use it whenever I’m outside, traveling or on the beach, because it well hydrates my face especially during the summer heats.


Very soon I will pay attention to the makeup that I use. I will make different posts of different brands that I have tested to tell you what my impressions are. And please, don’t forget the birthday of MintStories that is on July 27th. Each week until then we will send you Giveaway boxses full of products of your favorite brands. Follow us on Facebook.

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