Through the colorful gardens of Balchik


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Astronomical Fall is officially here, but the warm sun that shines outside tells us that it is not time yet to bury our summer clothes inside the closet. I adore this time of year when everyone is back from holidays and the whole city comes alive, every second someone starts a new project out there, and the sweltering heat is already in the past. After a few days I will start my last year at the university. I have also started a great new project from which you can expect something very different, useful and tasty. Stay tuned and you will find out more very soon.

Now I will take you to a fabulous place which is so close to nature. There is hardly any color and shade that doesn’t exist. Walking through the narrow cobblestone streets of Balchik we became part of the beauty that the Balchik’s Botanical Garden revealed for us. It is located on the beach and welcomes everyone with a huge variety of fascinating landscapes. Colorful, fresh, natural, summer and absolutely fragrant. The majesty of nature in this garden took my breath away. I’ve been always impressed by such places because they remind me how wonderful it would be if we could live in harmony with nature.

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Pants – Debenhams

Top – Debenhams

Watch – Mockberg

Shoes – Zara

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