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Hello friends. Thanks for all the wonderful sweet words and wishes for my birthday. You made my day more beautiful and magical. It’s real treasure to have people who love you and support you in what you are doing. I love you!

The team of „Manhattan cosmetics” have made me an interesting challenge to show you and tell you more about my vision of everyday outfit and makeup by using some of the latest products of the brand. I will take the opportunity to share my impressions of the products as a whole and more things that I always use in my daily lives.


In previous posts I’ve shared with you that I don’t like a lot of makeup and try to look as naturally as possible. One of the things that I always use is foundation (or BB crème). For this vision I used the foundation „Endless Perfection Make Up 24h“. It has very light formula and is applied and spread easily, I think, but I wouldn’t say that it’s very suitable for my skin (I have normal skin). The foundation contains moisturizing serum that softens and hydrates the skin deeply I would recommend it for women with dry skin.


I never go out without covering my little imperfections under my eyes with concealer because I always get up very early in the morning and I never have enough time to sleep. This concealer by „Manhattan” suprised me very pleasantly with its effectiveness and coverage.

In my daily makeup, I exude great attention at my eyes lashes and eyebrows. I never go out without mascara. For my current vision I used „Supreme Lash„ which ranks among to my favorite, because it makes my lashes very natural, curved and whit zero clump – just I like and prefer. I also really adore and prefer thick eyebrows and outline with my eyebrow pencil and fill them with shadows. And for emphasis – eyeliner – gel. I shoud warn you that this type of eyeliner is not easy to use and is not for everyone. Personally I’m used to this type eyeliner and for me is much easier to aply than those types eyeliner like pens.


The products that I liked most of this brand definitely are the bronzing and matte powders. I have been looking for a long time for suitable “bronzing powder”, which I usually use only in the summer and this one did me a great job. The “matte powder” quite surprised me, because it doesn’t have any color and frankly I didn’t expect to work for me, but relatively nice checkmate the face. Thanks to it – my foundation looks good on my face, although it’s not suitable for my skin completely.

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